The Girl Behind the Lense


Hey y’all some of you may already know a little bit about me but with the new year already underway, we’ve had an influx of new boudie peeps following my journey as owner and photographer for Allure Boudoir. Much like many of you, 2021 was definitely one for the books. My comfort zones were repeatedly challenged and overcame my biggest hurdle, my most toxic traits-self doubt and self sabotage. That happened at the end of 2021 but better late than never right? 

I often define myself, like many of you do, by the roles I have in other people’s lives as well as my accomplishments. 

For example, “Hey Peeps!!! My name is Kim Gallegos and I’m located in the beautiful border town of Laredo Texas. I’ve been shooting boudoir and running my business for the last 4 years. I have my Masters of Science in  Mental Health Counseling and just recently passed my licensing exam. I feel my passion for this art form and my background (although not necessary) help me really connect with my client on a deep and vulnerable level and we get some incredible and transformative work done. It’s for that reason I shoot boudoir. I feel I’m able to help anyone who comes through my studio door give the middle finger to societal norms and tell not only other people but finally themselves they are more than enough.” Doesn’t say much about me. All you possibly learned was my student loan debt must be intense and I’m not about the societal norms. What I’m getting at is, although it’s somewhat insightful, it doesn’t describe me as an individual. So let me give that a try. 

I am a proud 35 year old Chicana that finally learned to embrace her curves and culture rather than hide them and I achieved this through not only one but THREE boudoir sessions of my own. See I am so over dealing with imposter syndrome and all the bullshit that entails. I recognize I’m driven, disciplined, and sometimes a little too hard on myself. It could be a millennial thing but that goes back to me comparing myself and not staying in my lane. I can be sarcastic, witty, and incredibly goofy. I have so much love to give because I feel it truly is the greatest thing you can share; but with that said I’ve learned to set boundaries and I am so incredibly proud of myself for it. It truly the best form of self-love; after, all people pleasing is sooo 2019. 

So let’s make this year: 
Twenty Twenty-YOU and celebrate Who we are, what we want to do, and who we want to become. After all this year is starring YOU! 😉 I look forward to hearing more about you and possibly working together soon! 

Much Love,


photographer with camera